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M3 Launches M3 Insight Mobile App

M3, a cloud-based financial and data management platform for the hospitality industry, announced the launch of the M3 Insight mobile app, a comprehensive mobile app supporting the company’s popular business intelligence platform, Insight.

The M3 Insight app offers current Insight customers instant access to their user-driven interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and robust analytics from their mobile devices. The app also enables users to quickly share data on the go with their customers and appropriate stakeholders in a user-friendly format.

“With the M3 Insight app, hoteliers can quickly toggle through a wide range of data, from customized operational reports to key performance indicators, without being glued to their desktops,” said Casi Johnson, M3’s Chief Operations Officer and Innovations Leader. “M3’s top priority is to provide our customers with forward-thinking solutions that deliver a powerful, intuitive user experience that is unparalleled in our industry, and the Insight app allows hoteliers to make informed business decisions with real-time data in the palm of their hand.”

Insight, M3’s fully integrated, self-service business intelligence platform, effortlessly rolls up financial and hotel occupancy data from some of the industry’s most recognized data providers, along with operational statistics, brand data and proprietary M3 financial and labor data into a single, easy-to-use and visual dashboard. Using the mobile app, customers will have access to Insight’s customizable dashboard filters which enable quick and easy access to data stored across multiple dashboards. Users can also efficiently toggle between Insight’s budget comparisons from prior years based on daily, month-to-date or year-to-date performance.

Current M3 Insight customers can now download the M3 Insight app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and can access the app with their Insight login credentials. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

To learn more about M3 or to request a demo, visit

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