M Restaurants Launches Airline Style Choose a Seat Policy

M Restaurants, the award winning drinking and dining venue in Threadneedle Street, will launch an airline style, ‘choose a seat’ option, with a new ‘Book a Booth’ booking feature. Customers who visit the M website, will be offered the opportunity to choose where they sit in the restaurant and book a coveted booth in both the Grill and Raw restaurants.

Simultaneously, M Founder and CEO Martin Williams has announced a ‘keep your table’ policy and condemned the restaurant culture of turning tables by giving customers get out times. “Dining should be a relaxing bespoke experience, which can last as short, or long as the guest wishes. As a diner, there is nothing more disrespectful than being repeatedly told throughout the booking and seating process that the restaurant wants your table back. At M, with our ‘keep your table’ policy; if you book a table it is yours for as long as you wish,” Williams announced.
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