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Luxury Hotel Properties Empower Guests with Control Systems

Control4 has completed installation of the Control4 hospitality solution in three revitalized Dorchester Group hotels including 45 Park Lane in London, and Hotel Bel Air and Beverly Hills Hotel, both located in Los Angeles. Control4 has worked closely with the Dorchester Group to prove that it only takes one interaction with the technology to realize the significant benefits of being a "smart" hotel. By enabling guests to use one touch to control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, and schedule wake-up calls to hotel personnel having the ability to manage, configure and update details on a room status remotely, Control4 systems enhance the guest experience while achieving the goals of management.
The Control4 hospitality solution is a standards-based automation and energy management solution for redefining the guestroom experience. In these select Dorchester hotels, the system is integrated with the iBAHN on-screen user interface, using iBAHN's IPTV solution, and the new Alcatel touch-panel hospitality telephone which transform each room's phone into an information portal for the entire hotel. Through this integration patrons are able to tailor their own guest room experience - shades draw open, lights turn on, the TV is set to a specific channel and the temperature adjusts to a comfortable level automatically - all while hotel operations benefit from the savings in time, energy, resources and costs simplified through room automation.
With the integration of the Control4 hospitality solution, The Dorchester Group is empowering each guest, allowing them to modify their lighting, music, and wake-up preferences in order to create the ideal environment, unique to their lifestyle. Integration with systems like those from iBAHN and Alcatel also streamlines guest relations, allowing visitors to request services from the hotel without having to pick up the phone and talk to the front desk or housekeeping, in turn saving the hotel time and money by easily managing guest requests via email or messaging. By communicating with the hotel's property management system, rooms are automatically put into "checked in" or "checked out" states in which the technology communicates with the hotel, initiating a chain of automation commands such as setting back thermostats in unoccupied rooms, saving energy for the hotel. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology from Control4, the Dorchester hotels are improving operating efficiencies while elevating the guest experience.

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