Lunchbox, Virturant Team up to Create Virtual Restaurant, Ghost Kitchen Marketplace

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Virtual restaurant company Virturant has partnered with to introduce the all-new Ghost Eats App, a virtual restaurant & ghost kitchen marketplace. The partnership will allow Virturant to move forward with its mission to offer more cuisine options to delivery-only diners nationally.

For restaurants, data shows that Virturant brands are producing between $1,000 to $6,000 in sales per week per brand. Across the brands, the average ticket restaurants are realizing is $32. With the new Ghost Eats app, Virturant can increase brand offerings for both customers and restaurant owners alike.

"We're thrilled to partner with Lunchbox and their suite of world-class products built specifically for virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens," said Virturant CRO, Robert Young. "Our new Ghost Eats marketplace will give hungry diners access to a wider variety of cuisines and virtual brands to choose from in a single order," Mr. Young added.

Virtual restaurants have been a lifeline for many restaurant owners who had to shut down physical locations or limit dining to curbside and take-out only during the pandemic. The company constantly reviews customer orders to improve menu offerings and increase profitability by analyzing the most popular food orders in a specific region.

The new Ghost Eats app, launching in Q2 will include all in-house Virturant virtual restaurant brands, as well as exclusive features from celebrity, sport, and other popular virtual food brands nationally. Virturant launched in July 2019 and has quickly grown to 25+ virtual restaurant brands, such as The French Toastery, Sunrise Sandwich Co., Sandwich Boss, Pasta Envy and Hell's Chicken.


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