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LumiFi Introduces Lighting Control Software

Founded by German-trained architect and lighting designer, Beatrice Witzgall, LumiFi is a design and technology-centric company enabling people and businesses to unlock the full potential of connected lighting through a lighting control software. The app incorporates LED wireless bulb technology and the expertise of award-winning lighting designers, to offer pre-programmed customizable lighting moods.
As the hospitality industry seeks new ways to empower guests with the ability to customize experiential aspects of their stay, LumiFi is an intuitive technology that puts smart lighting control in the hands of guests. The software incorporates various lamp properties such as fixture and illumination type and analyzes the wattage, lumen output and color temperature for each individual light in a specific space. Taking all that into consideration, the software algorithm then assigns different lighting attributes such as color value, color change, brightness and on/off switching to each fixture to create a cohesive and meaningful lighting experience. Guests select a preset mood to experience fully composed and individualized lighting scenes.
Lumifi turns the guest’s own smartphone into a remote. To work, hotels must outfit rooms with LED light bulbs or switches with a wireless-receiver. These lightbulbs are then connected to a WiFi bridge. The guest’s smartphone communicates with the bridge via the hotel’s WiFi network, enabling light control. This added human-centric lighting provides guests with a higher level of service and engagement, enhances loyalty programs and acts as a brand differentiator, separating a property from its competition.
Lighting can impact everything from traveler jet lag to energy levels as guests wind down for a good night’s sleep. Other benefits from integrated lighting control include improving the safety and security of staff and guests, adding to sustainable building design and code compliance, and reducing operating expenses. LumiFi also gives hotel staff the ability to regulate the use of light and create ideal lighting atmospheres in ballrooms, dining areas, lobbies and corridors.
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