LoungeUp Improves Its Messaging Tool to Optimize Guest Request Management

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

A leading figure in guest relationship management for tourist accommodation providers, LoungeUp allows hotels to interact with their guests at key moments during their stay. The messaging tool has been transformed into the Guest Messaging Hub, which centralizes conversations and guest requests. The redesign and updated features enable hotels to manage and respond to guest requests more easily.

LoungeUp allows 2550 establishments to manage their guest exchanges. The most recent developments have incorporated Facebook and WhatsApp into the list of communication channels available to hotels within an entirely redesigned interface.


Facilitate communication channel management

This redesign was a necessary response to guests’ growing desire to communicate with their hotel via email, SMS or instant message, particularly during this uncertain time in which they expect rapid responses. To make the hotel staff’s work easier,  LoungeUp has developed its platform to offer hotels a tool which centralises all of these channels. The practical advantages of having a centralised messaging service to manage guest requests include:

  • accelerated response times
  • optimised guest request management
  • improved team productivity
  • standardised communications

During these uncertain times which the hospitality industry is facing, it is vital for hotels to communicate effectively with guests whilst also remaining extremely responsive.” explains Mathieu Pollet, CEO and Co-founder of LoungeUp. “The instant messaging platforms already used by travellers are powerful communication and guest engagement tools. The traveller is therefore more reassured and confident about contacting the hotel directly if a problem or question arises.”

Simplify work for teams in charge of guest relations

The aim of this messaging tool is simple: To manage all guest requests as efficiently as possible without missing anything. This is why LoungeUp has focused on improving existing messaging tool by integrating useful features for hotel staff, including:

  • The centralisation of all communication channels: Whether a guest sends an SMS, a WhatsApp or Facebook message, or responds to a form, the hotel receives it in its messaging inbox and can then search in the conversation history to access information about its previous exchanges with this guest
  • The choice of communication channel: The hotel can respond directly from the messaging service and can choose the channel through which it wishes to respond to the guest (email/SMS/in-app chat/WhatsApp/Messenger)
  • Request statuses: The messaging service supports task management by enabling teams to mark each request with a status ‘unprocessed’/‘ongoing’/‘pending’/‘completed’/ ‘archived’. This status is thus visible in the list of messages and easily identifiable at a glance. Filtering enables only messages with the selected status to appear with just one click.
  • Sample messages: Pre-drafted message templates can be configured to save time whilst writing and to prevent important information being forgotten.
  • Message archiving: The archive folder allows teams to clear up their inbox, making it easier to see more pressing recent messages without having to delete anything.
  • A translation tool integrated into each message: With one click, this tool can translate a received message or a message which needs to be sent.
  • The addition of attachments: Whether it’s the restaurant menu of the day, the transport timetable, or the list of services available, the hotel can insert a document into its message.
  • Scheduled message sending: A new addition to the features on offer, the ability to schedule messages can come in useful for planning the stay’s entertainment, such as happy hour offers to guests staying in the hotel

“Our hotels have been using LoungeUp technologies for years. I must admit that we were really looking forward to this new feature,” explains Romain Binet, Director of Biografy group. “The added efficiency and time saved at reception is really noticeable, the tool is extremely practical, and the daily work carried out by our staff has significantly improved. The integration of the CRM (Guest Profile) allows us to have a complete overview of the guest at a glance, and then adapt each conversation accordingly. Guests love chatting with us; I would never have expected such enthusiasm on their behalf!”

Standardise guest communication amongst team members

For a hotel, managing multiple guest communications is not easy, especially when the guest relations team is different every day. Several features help to overcome this problem:

  • Pre-drafted messages: message templates allow exchanges to be easily coordinated, whilst also ensuring that the same high standard of experience is provided to all guests.  
  • Integrated guest file in the messaging tool: LoungeUp integrates a CRM (Guest Profile) into its platform which gathers all guest data compiled in the guest files. These highly detailed guest files are valuable in understanding the guest with whom the hotel is interacting. A summary of the guest file is integrated directly into the messaging tool, which then allows the staff member processing the request to view the most relevant information about their guest (previous stays, spending, services, internal notes, satisfaction, etc.). It provides any team member with the ability to identify the guest and to respond to them with the hotel’s complete guest knowledge. In this way, a new team member would have no problem recognising a VIP guest who requires special attention.
  • Message history: All exchanges and guest requests remain within the messaging tool. Even if teams change over, each staff member will know exactly what has been communicated to the guest, avoiding any risk of duplicate messages.

This new Guest Messaging Hub, combined with the platform’s fine-tuned automation capabilities, enables hotels to provide their guests with an ultra-personalised experience and unparalleled responsiveness by optimising the work they do.

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