Louis T Collection Debuts Revenue & Reputation Management Solution for Independent Hotels

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Louis T Collection Debuts Revenue & Reputation Management Solution for Independent Hotels


Hospitality management and building solutions company Louis T Collection announced the launch of RevPlus for the boutique and privately owned hotel industry. This new Revenue and Reputation management solution was developed to elevate small, independent hotels to the next level in a cost-effective manner. The service combines both revenue management and Active Reputation management in one package.

The RevPlus system deals with two core aspects that drive a hotel’s revenue, without the hotel having to implement any changes to its current workflow or change its current systems. Properties using RevPlus are already experiencing a 25% uplift in room revenue.

For Online Travel Agency (OTA) management the new solution steps in where hotels have a manual system in place for updating inventory and rates, ensuring timeliness and reduced errors. A dedicated remote revenue manager takes away the tedious task of manual updates, streamlining a process that can often result in overbooking when available rooms aren’t shown in real time. In order to improve room sales, a RevPlus revenue manager reviews the property's inventory and online presence to maximize rates on a daily basis, based on occupancy, competitor rates, markets and other factors.

RevPlus clients also have a dedicated customer success manager that takes over reputation management using industry standards to provide a service to its clients that highlights online communication received via the many channels available these days.   

The new offering requires minimal disruption during setup to the current operation and guidance throughout the on-boarding process. Costs for this service are based on a profit share of revenue generated by using the RevPlus solution.