LooksYummy Debuts Food App

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
a plate of food with rice and broccoli

African-American Tech developers Kenrick Brown and Solomon Morgan of LooksYummy LLC have announced the design and release of a food app LooksYummy.

The mobile app allows food seekers to make food buying decisions by exploring visual menus at nearby restaurants.

A Picture is Worth...

With millions of food photos shared every day through multiple social platforms, LooksYummy elevates and streamlines the food sharing experience for foodies and business owners passionate about dining, imagery and social sharing.  Food consumers are 45% more likely to purchase a menu item with a photo of the actual dish over menu listings without photos, says LooksYummy.

On LooksYummy restaurants can advertise their top menu choices and display visual menus while users can add visually compelling content, decide where to dine, and discover dishes.

The LooksYummy app also allows users to post new meals, tag a dish to a restaurant, browse meal offerings, and follow their favorite food blogger’s food journey.

The free app also offers community users many perks. LooksYummy will allow their app community to earn points at nearby restaurants, discounts, and more through weekly and monthly contests and promotions.

LooksYummy is now available for free download for iPhone and Android users.

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