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LogRhythm Launches Threat Intel Ecosystem and Security Analytics Suite to Detect Cyber Threats

LogRhythm, The Security Intelligence Company, has announced the launch of its Threat Intelligence Ecosystem, the industry’s first collective of threat intelligence vendors focused on delivering unprecedented security intelligence via a next-generation security analytics and intelligence platform. The inaugural partners of the ecosystem – CrowdStrike, Norse, Symantec, ThreatStream and Webroot – have joined forces with LogRhythm to collaboratively deliver unparalleled visibility and insight to detect today’s sophisticated, high-risk cyber threats. LogRhythm’s Threat Intelligence Ecosystem represents many of the market’s leading commercial vendors of threat intelligence, each employing a variety of differentiated methods and techniques for successfully acquiring, assessing and verifying their threat intelligence.
Detecting and responding to today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats requires pervasive, enterprise-wide visibility and advanced machine analytics, tied with rich external context in the form of relevant, accurate and actionable threat intelligence. This threat intelligence includes data such as low reputation IP addresses and URLs, nefarious email addresses, file names, processes and user agent strings. LogRhythm’s Threat Intelligence Ecosystem enables its award-winning security analytics platform to seamlessly and automatically consume and leverage each ecosystem partner’s unique intelligence. The ecosystem allows customers to choose one or many security intelligence sources, enabling LogRhythm’s platform to deliver faster detection of and response to high-risk cyber threats for mutual customers.
In conjunction with the launch of its Threat Intelligence Ecosystem, LogRhythm has released a corresponding Threat Intelligence Security Analytics Suite to ensure that the threat data unique to each ecosystem partner is accurately captured and recognized by LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform. Mutual customers benefit from LogRhythm’s ability to collect and process all of an organization’s log, flow, event and other machine data, as well as LogRhythm’s endpoint, server and network forensic sensor data, to not only identify activities associated with threat intel, but automatically prioritize incidents corroborated with other high risk events recognized across the IT environment. 

This pervasive visibility, combined with the rich context provided by one or more Threat Intelligence Ecosystem partners, enables LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform to deliver even faster detection of and response to cyber threats, driving down false positives and reducing meantime to remediate threats.    
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