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Loews Hotels & Resorts Deploys CRM Data Intel Solution Across 23 Locations

Cendyn/ONE will implement a state-of-the-art guest intelligence solution that will collect data from multiple property systems to provide real-time personalized communication to guests and immediate insight to staff for all 23 Loews Hotels & Resorts, headquartered in New York City.
The guest engagement and marketing automation solution for hotels and resorts, Cendyn/ONE’s CRM Data Intelligence Platform is a powerful CRM, guest intelligence, and digital marketing solution that provides a single view of guest history, value, behavior, desire, intent and engagement.
The CRM Data Intelligence Platform combines first and third party data sources to deliver dynamically generated, one-to-one marketing across all digital channels: Email, Web, Display, Mobile, Video, Social and Search. The result is increased guest satisfaction and loyalty and significantly higher marketing ROI.
Cendyn/ONE was chosen for its ability to easily handle complex interfaces, leverage real-time data to drive true one-to-one communications, and provide sophisticated guest intelligence, reporting, and analytics.
Loews plans to deploy the solution at all of their properties, and nurture their guests like never before. Loews’ staff is already using Cendyn/ONE’s CRM Data Intelligence Platform to anticipate their guests’ behavior and preferences to enhance guest experiences before, during and after their stay.
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