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Live! Casino & Hotel Launches Innovative Location Platform to Improve Guest and Staff Experience


Live! Casino and Hotel, one of the largest commercial casinos in the country, located in the Washington DC/Baltimore corridor, and DC-based Radius Networks have announced a partnership to launch innovative casino and hospitality technology to help improve the guest and staff experience.

The innovative Customer Location Platform enables guests to place an order on their mobile device, continue gaming, move around anywhere on the casino floor, and have their order delivered directly to them when it’s ready. Guests no longer have to flag down a server, wait too long for their order, or stay in once place in fear that the server will not find them.

Radius Networks’ proprietary platform uses machine learning to leverage a property-wide network of sensors and the guest’s mobile device to identify the location of a guest. Once the order is placed through the Live! mobile app, built by Tampa Bay based Venuetize, the location of the guest can be viewed on a staff monitor, tablet, or be wearable. When the order is ready, the server is able to deliver it quickly to the exact location of the guest. This significantly decreases the customer’s wait time and creates a simple and efficient service model for the staff.

“Our new mobile app is an extension of our commitment to exceptional customer service,” said Brian Uran, VP of Loyalty Marketing at Live! Casino & Hotel. “From seamless drink ordering to paging Live! team members, among other features that can be accessed from the comfort of their seat, this new technology will positively impact the experience for our guests. We are proud to be the first casino in the industry to launch this mobile-first location strategy, and we look forward to seeing it in action.”

The Radius Networks technology spans across the 150,000 square-foot casino floor, as well as the new flagship luxury Live! Hotel. The system is built to both scan the floor and broadcast messaging, allowing Live! to utilize a host of other services in addition to food and beverage delivery, including engagement, order triggering, asset tracking and staff routing. Additionally, Live! will be able to identify frequent guests, such as VIPs, as they enter the hotel, send relevant messaging about shows at the new events center, provide way-finding services so guests can navigate the entire casino with ease, and alert specific employees to a problem when they are nearby.

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