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Lightspeed Releases 2021 Global State of Hospitality Report

In tandem with the launch of its new flagship restaurant platform in North America, Lightspeed released its 2021 Global State of the Hospitality Industry Report, surveying more than 2,000 restaurant owners, operators, managers and guests around the world. In the Lightspeed study, 79% of global restaurant leaders claim their restaurant is more efficient today than one year ago after initiating new strategies like adopting or expanding online ordering (65%) and increasing or improving outdoor seating (47%). Furthermore, a majority anticipate continued momentum through the fall as 62% expect to return to or exceed pre-COVID levels of holiday business.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • On average, 87% of global industry respondents agreed that ​​new technology adoption over the last two years has been critical for their business’ survival.
  • Once seen as a “job killer,” automation technology can now help support understaffed businesses so that the staff you have doesn’t become overworked and burned out. On average, 45% of restaurant operators plan to utilize some form of automation technology within the next 2-3 years.
  • 48% of restaurant leaders globally say guests are more demanding now than before COVID, however, this number jumps to 64% in the US.
  • 32% of global merchants are expecting a return to pre-COVID levels of holiday business and 30% are expecting to exceed pre-COVID levels of holiday business.

Visit the Lightspeed blog to learn more about what Lightspeed survey respondents said about technology trends, the future of hospitality, shifts in guest behavior, and more.

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