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Lathem Launches Face Recognition Systems for Accurate Time & Attendance

Lathem launches model FR650, the latest terminal in its line of FaceIN Face Recognition Systems for time.
The FR650 wall-mounted terminal uses 3D-imaging technology to identify employees and eliminate “buddy punching” (employees clocking in and out for each other). The FR650 is a complete solution with the standard benefits of the FR700, but without a proximity badge reader or access control capability.

The FR650 comes equipped with features that are in demand by today’s cost-conscious businesses.

The product:
  • Uses "foolproof"' face recognition technology to instantly identify employees,
  • Provides a hygienic touch-free alternative to hand and fingerprint readers,
  • Eliminates "buddy punching" and the need for cards and badges,
  • Uses a standard Ethernet connection to an existing computer network,
  • Supports 100 employees, but can be easily expanded up to 500 per device,
  • Includes desktop software for editing, running reports and exporting data to  popular payroll software, including QuickBooks.
With FaceIN, employees simply look at the device and within seconds, they are identified and clocked in/out. With its contactless operation, FaceIN provides a hygienic and more accurate solution than existing biometric alternatives.
“I love it,” notes John Perez, general manager of Dunkin’ Donuts. “It’s a very easy way to do payroll, and the everything for you.”
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