Latest Version of Orderly Flags Product Waste, Theft

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Latest Version of Orderly Flags Product Waste, Theft


Restaurant operators can get an accurate weekly cost-of-goods-sold and monitor for waste and theft issues by using the latest software update of Orderly.

Orderly uses data to identify where product waste is an issue.

Orderly's do-it-for-me solution, which includes a built-in waste tracking tool and par-based ordering feature, takes the company's data-driven approach one step further by identifying potential over-ordering situations and highlighting where product waste or theft could be an issue. The company's approach not only saves restaurant operators time, but also gives custom, real-time information to improve profitability.

In addition to capturing operational data, Orderly enables restaurant owners to compare pricing for like ingredients by its suppliers.  Through its proprietary Restaurant Food Index (RFI), included as part of Orderly's offering, customers' prices are also mapped against up-to-date national and local benchmarks. The RFI is a constantly evolving index of more than 800 common ingredients, compiled from actual purchases from more than 14,000 different suppliers in the U.S.