The Last Mile

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The Last Mile

By Dorothy Creamer, Editor, Hospitality Technology magazine - 03/12/2020

When you hear about last-mile delivery as a restaurant organization, you might worry that the third-party delivery driver has gotten lost or —even worse — stolen a few French fries from the order. (Yuck and apparently, one out of four drivers do.*) For hotels, the last-mile concept can be applied to room service and how front desk staff greet weary travelers upon arrival. The last mile is about fulfillment of an order or expectation, boiling down to what is left with the guest. Yes, the product or service, but also — and more importantly — an impression.

This issue of Hospitality Technology marks a last mile for me as editor-in-chief. Continuing with this analogy, I could put myself as the delivery agent or the guest. I hope that what I have delivered as a provider of news, information and insights has been valuable, delivered on time, and pleasing to your unique palate. As a guest sampling all the unique services and experiences you deliver on a daily basis through smart technology application, I have certainly been fulfilled. 

The testament to a good experience is one that leaves you satisfied, yet craving more. I crave more and will not be going too far as I take on a new challenge to dive deeper into how digital transformation is changing the hospitality and travel industries. Our paths will cross again. 

I will continue to pore over the Hospitality Technology website, issues and research reports as valuable resources. On our next interaction, we can discuss how you are applying learnings from the Restaurant & Lodging Technology Studies to your organizations; how a speaker at MURTEC or HT-NEXT provided a new perspective; and how you are getting value from your membership in the Restaurant Technology Network. We’ll pick up where we left off.

So really … the last mile is also the first and I look forward to it.

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