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Larkburger Fortifies Loss Prevention Efforts with POS Integrated Video

Larkburger, the Vail Valley based quick-gourmet burger establishment dedicated to quality, health, and the environment, has selected the Envysion Insight service to aid the company's loss prevention efforts.

"Envysion's unique combination of user-friendly navigation and robust feature capabilities provides a powerful video solution that drives our loss prevention efforts," says Adam Baker, president and CEO of Larkburger. "The ease with which I can navigate the interface to view detailed point of sales transactions and the video associated with each transaction, allows me to quickly monitor my entire operations with just a few simple clicks of a mouse."

Through its point of sale (POS) integration, Envysion is helping many customers drive loss prevention efforts ultimately adding material profitability to their bottom line. Envysion Insight enables customer to gain an in-depth look into transactional data by providing visual context behind every transaction. Envysion's enterprise-level exception based reports provide a strategic view of an organization's operations at both the store and above-store levels through transactional data that is aggregated over time and across multiple store locations. Integration with POS enables Envysion to automatically track and notify customers of potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids, returns, discounts and coupons.
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