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Lack of Employee Engagement Can Negatively Impact Business Performance by as Much as 202%

StaffConnect Group, an enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, announced the availability of its new eBook titled, "Can Technology Solve the Employee Engagement Crisis?"  The new eBook proves why this is no longer just an HR issue, drawing a link between a lack of employee engagement and the negative impact on business performance, reflected in declining corporate profits, shareholder value and the bottom line - by as much as 202%. 
The eBook states that according to Gallup, only 13 percent of employees worldwide are actually engaged at work. The situation is slightly better in the United States but not much. Less than one-third (32 percent) of American workers report feeling involved and enthusiastic about their job. And research by Temkin Group shows that as company size increases, engagement decreases.  Comprehensive research and statistics from world renowned authorities including Bain, the Bureau of National Affairs, Deloitte, Forbes, and Glassdoor, among others, further demonstrates the employee engagement "crisis" being faced today, around the world. 
However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The eBook further substantiates that in a world that's increasingly digitally driven and focused, the key to employee engagement is integrally connected to technology.  Today's workforce is no longer tied to their desks, instead they are working on the road, from home offices, and from other non-traditional settings, as well as geographically distributed.  And, millennials dependence on social interactive technology to communicate and gather information has had an increasing influence in the workplace.  A slick user experience is a must, and it's not just the millennials that have become expert in quickly finding an alternative if deemed otherwise.  Sleek, customizable, mobile-based solutions that support these paradigms are already available, and will be those that are most rapidly and successfully adopted.  And not surprisingly, analytics is critical. Organizations must employ a technology platform that allows them to effectively measure engagement, so that they can use this information to make true cultural shifts to improve their employees' experience of the company.
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