La Carreta Restaurant Installs UV-C Air Sanitizer to Improve Restaurant Air Safety

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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La Carreta restaurants will deploy SteriClair's UV-C air sanitization devices, intended for use within restaurants and commercial spaces, to enhance the safety of employees and customers. The devices will first be deployed at La Carreta's Pembroke Pines, Florida, location.

SteriClair products clean the air to lower the contamination risk posed by airborne pathogens and viruses, a critical process vital for restaurants as they navigate the current global health crisis.

Guests are increasingly concerned about sanitation and hygiene and have expressed concerns around their physical health when choosing where to dine out, according to SevenRooms' Restaurant Reckoning: Dynamic Diner report.

Overland Ventures Inc. is currently working with business communities across the US to prioritize the use of its UV-C powered air sanitizer to accelerate the opening of restaurants, and businesses in a safer manner. 

UV-C disinfection is a reliable and environmentally-friendly method of air sanitization, eliminating the need for harsh or potentially dangerous chemicals. Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and mold cannot become resistant to UV radiation, ensuring their destruction, according to the company.

SteriClair works by intaking air through a replaceable dust filter that protects the internal components, increasing device longevity and efficacy. Trapped by a patented optical labyrinth, the air is then exposed to 12 J/ft2 of UV-C radiation doses, further concentrated by an array of optical aluminum mirrors. The UV-C radiation effectively inactivates microorganisms regardless of taxonomic classification, rendering them harmless. The sanitized air is then forced out of the device and recirculated into the room.