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KFC Deploys ConnectSmart Kitchen Across UK


KFC UK & Ireland has rolled out of QSR Automation’s ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) software across 900 locations.The installation follows a successful CSK pilot in which the software helped reduce order errors, while improving speed and efficiency on order times. KFC will manage all locations using ConnectSmart kitchen’s centralized database, Enterprise Portal, allowing a secure environment to distribute setting configurations and reporting for each site.

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Features include:

  • Live metric data, which includes scorecards that depict the performance of kitchen teams
  • The ability to select activity levels dependent on trading period/staffing levels, which gives onsite teams greater operational flexibility that ensures optimized productivity and efficiency levels
  • Use of delivery specific stations, which has helped restaurants manage dine-in and delivery/off-premise orders efficiently.

When choosing delivery, CSK is helping KFC ensure that the food is of a high quality and order errors are eradicated. Through customer-facing screens, OrderReady, will give guests greater visibility of the order process by showing when orders are being prepared and when they are ready.

Brad Scheiner, Chief Technology Officer at KFC UK & Ireland said, “ConnectSmart Kitchen has become an integral part of our kitchen operations and has helped to ensure in-restaurant and delivery demands are not only achieved but exceeded. We have seen reduced order errors since the pilot and are looking forward to operational improvements in the entire estate roll out.”

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