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KEYPR Upgrades Platform Features, Functionality

KEYPR, a cloud-based technology platform for the hospitality industry that provides an integrated end-to-end experience for guests and staff through embedded and mobile devices, announced the release of a significant upgrade to its platform including a variety of powerful new features and major enhancements to existing features.

Hotel management, staff and guests will experience significant improvements including ease of use across all touchpoints, as well as, consistent feature updates and enhancements. For example, the guest app experience includes overall improvements to dining and service requests functionality. Staff-facing features include enhanced work order escalations, service request targeting and common area tablets to support events and cross-property services. KEYPR’s new platform release also offers more customization options across all of the platform touchpoints including the guest app, in-room tablets, keyless entry and the integrated dashboard (GEMS), and paves the way for additional touchpoints for guests and staff. On the backend, KEYPR engineers will be able to roll out features in a faster, more efficient way.

The new platform will generally enhance connectivity across the KEYPR ecosystem and simplifies integrations with other technology and content providers, such as iHeartMedia, which, along with dozens of others, already have apps available on the KEYPR platform.

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