Kalahari Resorts & Conventions Deploys ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Technology 

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, a provider of advanced security technology for the hospitality industry, today announces the successful adoption of several of its innovative RIFD door lock technologies alongside its Visionline access management system by Kalahari Resorts & Conventions. With the presence of VingCard Essence, VingCard Classic RFID and VingCard Signature RFID at all four of its properties in located in Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio and Wisconsin, Kalahari Resorts gains enhanced security capabilities while benefitting from adaptive technologies that can also provide guests with convenient payment and identification methods in order to ensure a hassle-free stay experience. 

With each of the VingCard lock solutions deployed by Kalahari Resorts, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions utilizes cutting-edge data encryption to sidestep risks of credentials being cloned that can result in lapses in security and unauthorized room access. As a resort operator with a reputation for providing its guests with exciting and memorable experiences, Kalahari Resorts’ decision to adopt VingCard locks also comes from each lock featuring an attractive design that can seamlessly complement and enhance each location’s interior décor.  

Also setting VingCard RFID locks and the Visionline access management system apart is the ability for Kalahari Resorts to seamlessly provide guests with security access credentials that can also serve as a form of payment and identification. With just one RFID wristband or keycard, guests can safely and easily access their rooms, gain entry to other resort areas such as waterparks and purchase items without having to carry around personal credit cards or cash. Such abilities eliminate unnecessary barriers that can prevent guests from immediately enjoying their experience without coming at the cost of reduced security.  

Deploying Visionline as an online solution, Kalahari Resorts can boost guest convenience even further by allowing staff to issue RFID wristbands granting access to onsite amenities despite an early check-in when their guestroom may not yet be ready for use. Once their room has been made available, guests can be effortlessly notified via text and can seamlessly use the same wristband already issued in order to gain entry. In addition to ensuring a more enjoyable guest experience, Visionline’s capabilities also increase overall security and efficiency by issuing real-time alerts for potential security threats and by providing in-depth reporting that ensures any needed maintenance is always handled in a timely manner.        

“The advanced flexibility of technologies by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions have allowed us to deliver an all-in-one, seamless and secure access and purchasing experience that lives up to our company’s standards of ensuring exceptional service quality,” said Nick Brana, Corporate IT Director at Kalahari Resorts. “With VingCard door locks and Visionline, we also gain the advantage of being able to keep pace with new technology and can effortlessly adapt as resort security needs change.” 

Engineered with a focus on future-proof scalability, VingCard locks at Kalahari Resorts locations come equipped Mobile Access-ready compatibility. This allows hoteliers to later add the ability to provide guests with room access using their own personal devices as a secure digital key and without requiring the replacement of existing door hardware.       

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