JYBE's App Ranks Eco-Friendly Takeout & Delivery Packaging

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

JYBE, an app to aggregate restaurant ratings of their use of eco-friendly takeout and delivery packaging, launched in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area with a mission to help solve the single-use plastic crisis in the restaurant industry. Available at app.gojybe.com via mobile device, JYBE offers user reviews and recommendations on sustainable restaurants actively making Earth-friendly packaging choices while also supporting restaurants and food industry professionals to integrate more sustainable packaging practices into their businesses.

This mobile app's goal is to entirely eliminate restaurants' use of single-use plastic.

Users report the types of takeout packaging used by restaurants within the app, which then features those eateries offering fully recyclable, biodegradable or reusable containers.

A Green Bill of Rights

JYBE's "Sustainability Bill of Rights" promotes reusables, aluminum, paper, glass, and biodegradables. Petro-plastic is a last resort and Styrofoam, fiber and bio-plastics should never be used. With nearly 400 listings in Los Angeles and expansion to San Francisco, JYBE helps consumers find eco-friendly takeout options.

Making the Change

JYBE also partners with restaurants and food industry professionals to provide eco-guidance, eco-education and connections to sustainable vendors. Through JYBE's "Provider Playbook" program, restaurants that want to implement more sustainable packaging choices will receive a sustainability starter kit that includes sustainability information along with packaging materials made from aluminum, paper, and other fully biodegradable or reusable materials to kick-start their new eco-practices.

To support the restaurant industry as it faces daunting challenges amid the global pandemic, JYBE will donate $1 to the Independent Restaurant Coalition for every new app user for the month of September. With a mission to save local restaurants and 11 million jobs affected by COVID-19, the Independent Restaurant Coalition is providing financial support and promoting their #SaveRestaurants campaign to shift policy.

JYBE is expanding to Portland, Seattle, Denver/Boulder, Boston, Chicago, New York City and D.C. in 2021. Ultimately, the brand's goal is to entirely eliminate restaurants' use of single-use plastic.

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