Jumeirah Carlton Tower 'Revolutionizes' Concierge Operations

The concierge team at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, a busy hotel located in the heart of fashionable Knightsbridge, is providing guests with efficient, thoughtful, luxury service thanks to GoConcierge, a guest service operations system. The Web-based software is produced by Los Angeles-based GoConcierge.net.

Prior to implementing GoConcierge in September 2009, concierges at the 220-room property relied on a manual, paper-based system to track daily tasks such as car, theater and restaurant reservations. Task reminders were kept in six different books. With up to three or four concierges working at any one time, it was a challenge to manage guest tasks. There were times when it was necessary to view the contents of all six books at one time, something that was impossible to do. Complicating matters was the fact that concierges not only had to service hotel guests but also the up to 60 gym members who were not overnight guests.

Thanks to GoConcierge, concierge operations have been "revolutionized," says Richard Price, head concierge at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower and a Les Clefs d'Or member. Now, when there is a task to log, it is added to user-friendly GoConcierge. With just a few clicks, tasks can be entered and located in the online Guest Task Calendar. The calendar is color coded, which makes it easy to highlight open, pending and closed tasks.

"Thanks to the way information is presented, you get a quick snapshot of what is happening throughout the day," says Price "The system is very easy to learn."

Highly personalized service experience
Two terminals at the concierge desk are sufficient to handle guest requests. Hotel associates working at the guest relations desk also have access to GoConcierge. The system is not only used to manage tasks such as reservations but to also track outgoing packages.

Because a history of each guest's request is stored in GoConcierge, it is easy to generate itineraries. These can be printed or e-mailed in a matter of seconds along with a personalized confirmation letter on stationery that includes the hotel's logo. Point-to-point directions and maps also can be generated easily. The singular format of these documents creates consistency, Price says.

A signature pad integrated with GoConcierge allows Price and his colleagues to capture signatures for theater ticket requests. Once the signature is saved, it assigned to a task within GoConcierge. It is printed out later and attached to the guest's bill.

"When you are working with so many requests, you need to know the guest is committed to getting the tickets," says Price. "The signature is like a contract."

New text messaging option
A new text messaging feature in GoConcierge enables concierges to stay in touch with guests while on the go. When guests respond, their messages appear in the Calendar. Concierges and guests correspond about issues ranging from theater tickets to dinner reservations and transportation. "We use the text messaging feature whenever we can," says Price.

A customized location database within GoConcierge allows hotel associates to quickly identify area restaurants and attractions. Links on the GoConcierge screen take users to websites and documents that can be printed or e-mailed to guests immediately. Reports generated from GoConcierge detail pending tasks as well as the volume of reservations directed toward a particular restaurant or theater. A car usage report helps Price know the number of transfers on a daily or monthly basis. A tab in GoConcierge named "Concierge Material" includes frequently requested Word and Excel documents. A general note function allows concierges to communicate between shifts.

Even when he is at home, Price admits he looks at GoConcierge in snapshots throughout the day. A quick glance at the GoConcierge screen helps him know whether or not his concierge team is having a busy day and whether or not they need assistance.

"We are still learning all of the different ways GoConcierge can be used," says Price.

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