Juicy Development Unveils Disneyland App at MacWorld 2010

iPhone app developer Juicy Development unveils Disneyland app this week at San Francisco's MacWorld 2010. The app for iPhone and iPod Touch, FastTrac, for Disneyland cuts users' waiting time for the park's rides. Unlike other Disney apps, FastTrac creates a dynamic customized Disneyland ride schedule for the FastTrac user. With this schedule, users can walk onto popular rides, like Indy and Splash Mountain, even during crowded times like spring break and Christmas. The FastTrac app was tested extensively in the middle of the park's peak capacity times during spring break and Christmas break. Testers of the app found wait time was reduced significantly, with only a maximum of 10 minutes wait for the most popular of rides.

FastTrac employs a complex predictive algorithm that predicts the best time to ride each ride. This program also draws on historical data collected, and tips and tricks from Disney veterans with 30 years of park attendance experience. FastTrac pulls from millions of possible itinerary combinations to provide the user with the most accurate schedule with the least amount of wait time. FastTrac takes into account holidays and special events, as well as major ride closures.

Users select the attractions they wish to ride, the attendance date, and arrival time. FastTrac creates a schedule for the user that will get them on the most rides with the least amount of wait time. While in the park, users can generate individual schedules for everyone in their group.

FastTrac also displays a map of the park. The map was created in the style of Mary Blair's artwork. Mary Blair was a noted Disney artist who created the whimsical artwork in It's a Small World, as well as designing conceptual art for Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

The cost of the application for the iPhone is $4.99 in Apple's app store.

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