Johnson Controls Launches Digital Food Safety Compliance Solution

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Johnson Controls introduces the Penn Connected – Digital Food Safety compliance management system. This platform's advanced capabilities and customizable software modules tcan be configured to meet each food service provider’s needs. The system manages all aspects of food safety, including data monitoring, recording and reporting to ensure food is stored, prepared and consumed safely.

PENN Connected – Digital Food Safety features an end-to-end system made up of three components that work together to monitor, record and report food safety compliance data:

  1. Refrigeration sensors and Bluetooth thermometer: The system is compatible with a Bluetooth thermometer and battery-powered refrigeration sensors ― with a GSM Gateway ― for around the clock refrigeration monitoring.
  2. Cloud-based platform: It features a cloud-based platform to record and store compliance data captured by battery-powered refrigeration sensors or a Bluetooth thermometer.
  3. Mobile application: A mobile application connected to the Bluetooth thermometer allows staff to record temperature and tasks. It features a wide range of capabilities including reminders and alerts to ensure tasks are completed correctly and on time.

Together, these components allow an organization to go paperless, resulting in improved compliance, increased operational efficiencies and enterprise-wide visibility. This leads to more accurate data, time and money savings, and a redirection of valuable labor. Specific features and benefits include:

  • Improved compliance: Manual data entry is replaced with accurate data capture in real time. 
  • Operational efficiencies: The flexible system features customizable software modules that can be configured to meet each organization’s unique application and risks. 
  • Adaptive training: Up-front training time and investment are reduced thanks to an easy-to-use system and ongoing education.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility: Data can be reviewed across the entire organization to validate standards and monitor compliance, track benchmarks and analyze performance.
  • Cost reductions: 
    • Improved compliance to prevent poisoning claims and litigation costs
    • Remote temperature monitoring to reduce stock loss and prevent spoilage


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