12/10/2018, Neighborhood Restaurant Group Partner to Enable Diners to Order Via Text, Amazon Alexa

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
Michal Christine  Escobar  profile picture, designer of integrated customer service solutions, and Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG), a collection of independent and idiosyncratic businesses in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, have formed a strategic partnership to design a message-based restaurant ordering system enabled through’s integrated chatbot platform. Initially, the text ordering service will be available via text messaging (SMS) and Amazon Alexa, and will soon also include the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger channels.

“At NRG, the customer experience is paramount. We seek to discover and implement progressive solutions that will exceed our guests’ expectations,” commented Michael Babin, CEO, NRG. “It’s clear people want more choices for ordering in-restaurant and for home delivery, and we are excited to collaborate with the experienced team at to make that happen."

Not only is this text-to-order solution more affordable for customers, but it is also more cost effective for restaurants, eliminating costly delivery service fees while providing vital customer insights otherwise inaccessible.’s integrated technology platform allows it to launch new chatbot applications quickly and easily with live agent backup to ensure a seamless customer experience. Look for the technology coming soon to Bluejacket and other NRG restaurants.