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iVvy Turns to Hapi to Centralize Sales and Catering Data

IVvy, a modern, cloud-based sales and catering software revolutionizing the way meeting planners connect with hotels, has integrated with Hapi, a disruptive Cloud Data Hub that exposes event streams and transactional APIs from hotel systems at scale.

The integration has been certified, data is flowing and several hotel companies are relying on both companies to share, centralize, and normalize their sales and catering data so it can be accessed by other systems in the tech stack in real time.

“Integrations are a critical part of moving the entire end-to-end sales and catering process online, and we’re excited that iVvy can share data with more Property Management Systems by building one connection to Hapi,” said Rachael Grimsey, iVvy’s SVP of Global Sales & Partnerships. “Our mission to provide one place for all hotel department leaders to sync on their upcoming events, and integrating with Hapi to push and pull data from various systems helps us accomplish that goal.”

iVvy’s sales and catering data can now be easily shared with other systems in the hotel tech stack, allowing hoteliers to access all their sales and catering data when building cross-departmental strategies.

“Hoteliers on the meetings and events side of the business can’t make accurate decisions if their data isn’t being analyzed among metrics from the other departments,” said Luis Segredo, CEO of Hapi. “Leadership at iVvy recognized early on that, not only does Sales and Catering software need to be in the cloud, it needs to be centralized, analyzed and shared with other systems so that hoteliers can make the smartest decisions.”

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