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Ittoryu GOZU to Launch UV Irradiation Sanitizing System in Dining Room

GOZU pivoted to open A-Five Pop-Up Butcher Shop during the pandemic. (photo credit: Joseph Weaver)
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Upon reopening indoor dining in San Francisco, ittoryu GOZU will pilot hospital grade UV irradiation solution from UV Guardian. 

GOZU is a restaurant that explores the nuance and versatility of the wagyu breed through the craft of robatayaki, a Japanese style of open-fire cooking through a multi-course kappo-style tasting menu. GOZU's Executive Chef/Owner Marc Zimmerman and Co-founder Ben Jorgensen of MZ Dining Group have  relationships with farms in Japan, Australia and America by introducing an eye-opening perspective on wagyu beef and immersing guests in a "nose-to-tail" experience.

Restaurant and Retail Butcher

"We are a small, 45-seat restaurant. We've had to pivot in more ways than one, which includes conceptualizing outdoor dining and switching our business model for A-Five Meats," says Zimmerman. A-Five is a meat distribution system that was co-founded alongside Jorgensen prior to GOZU's opening in November 2019, which previously only sold to world class chefs and now delivers premium beef directly to the doorstep. "With UV Guardian, I'm looking forward to GOZU continuing to employ our staff as it did via the A-Five Pop-Up Butcher Shop while we return to the reopening of restaurant business as this industry has been the hardest hit during COVID-19."

Zimmerman and Jorgensen are working with UV Guardian to roll out a device for indoor seating at GOZU. This device, which emits UV light can rip through the genetic makeup of any viruses like COVID-19, while smart sensors eliminate any exposure to humans.

UV-C combats unseen pathogens. UV Guardian has leveraged proven technologies to offer UV-C dual-method systems that eliminate both airborne and contact surface pathogens. This is accomplished through cleaning ambient air continually during hours of human exposure, while scheduling direct decontamination of surfaces during brief periods of time when humans are not present. This unique approach provides the maximum benefits of UV-C, without hindering occupation of controlled spaces.


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