ItsaCheckmate, Grubhub Team Up to Streamline Digital Ordering and Menu Management 

ItsaCheckmate has expanded its partnership with Grubhub. As part of the improved experience for restaurant owners, ItsaCheckmate added Grubhub to its line of digital ordering platforms, making it easy for restaurant staff to manage their Grubhub menus and orders in one spot.

Now, ItsaCheckmate can help restaurateurs using Grubhub save time and costs of labor while reducing order errors. ItsaCheckmate automatically ingests digital orders and prints them out just like in-house orders, negating the need for busy staff to manually punch in orders from a tablet into the POS. ItsaCheckmate eliminates the need for tablets altogether, as it allows staff to manage digital menus directly from their POS system. Menu changes are reflected on ordering platforms like Grubhub almost instantaneously.

“Partnering with ItsaCheckmate and Grubhub has transformed our ability to provide even better service, especially for our delivery operations. In a world that has been characterized by chaos, their common sense approach to integrate delivery systems with our POS has allowed us to do what we do best – satisfy our customer’s cravings for hot and tasty food. In addition to the stable technology, the service levels offered by ItsaCheckmate team has helped us stay on top of everything delivery,” says Steve Foreman, Director, Operations Services, White Castle Management Co.

Grubhub joins ItsaCheckmate’s growing family of restaurant ordering platform integrations, currently 75+ platform-strong. ItsaCheckmate’s 10,000+ global restaurant clients include small “mom-and-pops” to major chains like Arby’s, Five Guys, and Buffalo Wild Wings. 

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