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ITC Hotels Add Value with ArchiTechnology

ITC Hotels has announced a partnership with Electro-Media Design Ltd. of Maryland for innovative technologies. ITC Hotels has been seeking to engage with a partner to help expand their bouquet of unique products and services through the implementation of innovative applications in the areas of conferences, events and other entertainment technologies in their hotels.
ITC Hotels and Electro-Media Design have commenced a collaborative engagement, covering a broad range of areas in the ‘ArchiTechnology’ space, which are aimed at adding value to the ITC Hotels facilities and providing a new dimension that would help create a differentiated value proposition comparable to the best in class globally. This engagement will focus on co-creating the next generation of ITC Hotels and also upgrade existing hotels to the same exacting standards.
The engagement between ITC Hotels and Electro-Media Design, Ltd. will include both specific project consulting and design service assignments as well as on-going flag-level strategic branding, design of the guest experience and quality control activities. The first design projects are for ITC’s new Grand Chola hotel in Chennai where EMD is developing innovative entertainment and presentation technologies for a Business Theater and Themed F&B Venue. In parallel ITC has a retainer ship engagement covering all existing properties and projects to provide technology services in this area.
As ITC’s development and upgrade program continues, it is anticipated that EMD’s engagement will expand to significantly include renovation and expansion of existing hotels and development of new properties over the next five years, and even beyond. On-going programs to provide support services for ITC’s event technologies services operations at the property level, under the umbrella of ITC’s Corporate IT Department will set world-class standards for business and social meetings.

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