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ISISPOS Brings iPads into the Mobile POS Mix

ISISPOS is a new hospitality mobile point of sale system that combines Apple innovation with powerful business logic to offer a fully featured and easy to use solution designed for the restaurant industry.
ISISPOS fosters one-on-one customer interactions. Built on Apple Xcode to operate on an iPad, it allows servers to take orders, wirelessly transmit them to the kitchen over Wi-Fi or 3G, take credit card payments, and manage their section. It can also be used to suggest wine pairings or add-on items for each order, upping a restaurant's bottom line.
Data is stored on remote servers. Data storage and maintenance costs are transferred to the cloud service provider, who charges for the service using a pay as you go model. Information collected using ISISPOS is fully compatible with popular small business accounting programs, like QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and Mind Your own Business. Tailor information to create individualized coupons based on customer's ordering habits.
ISISPOS is now accepting applications for beta testing.
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