International Hotels Follow the Lead of the U.S.A. by Implementing Employee Safety Devices

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Hotels worldwide are turning to React Mobile enterprise-class hospitality safety solutions to help them protect their employees. The company announced its global expansion into international hotels and casinos to become the go-to partner for panic button technology with new implementations in Canada, Paris, Switzerland, and Dubai.

The international hospitality industry has long been taking cues from the US hotel industry. The trend to focus on safety has reached across the globe and has hit emerging markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. React Mobile offers worldwide support capabilities, 24/7 accessibility, and a robust deployment infrastructure that is able to take on hotels of any size. React Mobile’s presence in countries outside the US will serve as an essential step for emerging markets to recognize the need and importance of protecting their employees, not only in terms of decreasing turnover-rates of hotel staff but most essentially in reducing incidents of assault.

New installations in August and September include:


    • River Rock Casino – Vancouver BC
    • Fairmont Pacific Rim
    • Fairmont Lake Louise
    • Fairmont MacDonald

Europe & the Middle East:

    • Novotel Paris Montparnasse
    • Novotel Paris Vaugirard
    • Movenpick Lausanne Switzerland
    • Movenpick Jumeirah Beach Dubai

React Mobile currently has more than 50,000 panic buttons deployed to date in the consumer and enterprise space, and is currently installed in more than 52,000 hotel rooms. Industry statistics indicate that currently, there are only a few panic button vendors that have more than a couple of dozen hotel customers total.

With the an extensive customer base for hotel panic button technology, the React Mobile platform is trusted by some of the world’s most well-known brands that come from across the spectrum of the hotel industry. The cloud-enabled employee safety device (ESD) technology is easy to use and requires little to no training. The newest panic button, The Stand-Alone LTE panic button, works outdoors and indoors with Bluetooth beacons and GPS to provide precise location information about an employee’s whereabouts inside or outside of a hotel without the need for an accompanying smart device. The stand-alone safety device uses 4G networks using LTE-M (LTE CAT-M1), which means better reliability and lower service costs for hoteliers.