Interface Security Systems Adds Wearable Personal Protection Devices

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
Interface's partnership with RiskBand integrates real-time monitoring of wearable safety devices with live support.

Interface Security Systems has teamed up with RiskBand, a provider of wearable live-monitored safety devices, to help businesses equip at-risk staff with a wearable safety device that is directly connected to the Interface Interactive 24/7 Central Command Centers. 

Interface is enabling businesses including retailers and restaurants to make wearable safety devices an essential component of their emergency response strategy. 

The wearable personal protection device can be worn on a lanyard, belt, vest, jacket, or pants. A single push of a button provides two-way voice communications, user profile data, man down and hard fall detection capabilities, near real-time images, and geolocation data to Interface's trained security professionals who can immediately assess the situation, intervene and deploy the appropriate emergency response.

The new Personal Protection Monitoring Service is available immediately to Interface customers as a cost-effective expansion to their existing solutions or to new customers as an autonomous solution that can be implemented quickly with a minimal investment.


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