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Intelligent Food Safety and Checklist Platform is Available on IOS

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation has announced the new release and availability of PAR EverServ® SureCheck® V6 food safety monitoring and intelligent checklist solution.  EverServ SureCheck V6 includes more than 50 new features and enhancements, including now iOS compatible, to improve global capabilities and offer more device flexibility.  SureCheck is assisting some of the world’s largest companies improve food safety and operational efficiencies  in thousands of food service locations, with more than 300,000 total temperature checks a day.
EverServ SureCheck V6 key enhancements are focused on device flexibility and globalization.  The two most notable enhancements include:
iOS Compatibility – SureCheck V6 is now compatible with iOS devices (iPod Touch and iPhone) in addition to Windows Embedded Handheld devices, with SureCheck features available across both platforms. For temperature measurement, the iOS version of SureCheck also works with the iCelsius inspection probe. The free SureCheck client can be downloaded through the iTunes app store but requires valid SureCheck credentials to log-in.
Global Capabilities – SureCheck V6 supports foreign language and metric measurements.  The SureCheck enterprise server, mobile device application and reports are configurable to display different languages and measurement types (metric and imperial). From both the enterprise server and handheld devices, users can log in and see the same information in 11 different locales/languages:  English (Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States), French (Canada and France), German, Spanish (Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain) and Swedish.
EverServ SureCheck is a mobile client-based, automated solution that provides checklist management for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety programs and employee-assigned tasks. The SureCheck V6 platform comprises three integrated technologies that are easy to use and quick to deploy: the SureCheck mobile application (running on Windows Embedded Handheld and iOS devices), a multi-mode wireless temperature measuring device, and a cloud-based enterprise configuration and reporting server application. 
EverServ SureCheck automates the full lifecycle of checklist management to help retailers, restaurants, and hotels (and many other companies in different industries):
Ensure employees know what tasks are required and monitor compliance.
Improve the efficiency of completing checklists with up to a 60% speed improvement compared to pen and paper. 
Manage HACCP-driven compliance programs.
Improve food safety and quality by ensuring hot and cold foods meet health safety requirements.
Recommend corrective actions when an out of tolerance temperature or abnormal observation is recorded.
Maintain accurate records in a cloud-based server for compliance, reporting, business intelligence and analytical requirements.
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