INTELITY Announces Updated Strategic Partnership with Unifocus, formerly Knowcross

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

INTELITY®, a provider of a guest experience and staff management platform, announced an updated partnership with Unifocus, a provider of hospitality operations software. Following recent revisions to Unifocus’s technology, the INTELITY integration is all new. Built on INTELITY’s R5 platform to take advantage of its industry leading capabilities, the latest integration includes richer synchronization of guest request details between INTELITY and Unifocus.

“Partnering with INTELITY was a natural choice to create a more seamless workflow process for hotel staff,” said Moneesh Arora, CEO of Unifocus. “At Unifocus, we strive to be the industry leader in workforce optimization. With our long-standing INTELITY partnership, we can continue to ensure our customers have the most advanced solutions in the industry.”

Unifocus is the leader in providing workforce management software that elevates hospitality operations. INTELITY’s R5 platform enables guests to initiate requests to the hotel via smart-room tablets or hotel mobile apps. The addition of Unifocus into INTELITY’s R5 integrations cloud allows those same requests to be routed directly to on-premise teams via their existing operational workflows. The updated integration builds on top of a long-standing partnership that has delivered staff automation, lifecycle status tracking of guest requests and enhanced security to customers worldwide.

“At INTELITY, our goal is to create a great guest experience in part by offering seamless workflows for hotel staff so they can offer the very best in service,” said Robert Stevenson, CEO of INTELITY. “Through our long-standing relationship with Knowcross, now Unifocus, we will continue to help our hotel partners outperform, while also attracting and retaining employees. We are excited to incorporate Unifocus’s continuing advancements into our R5 platform.”

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