INTELITY and Volara to Bring Powerful Voice Command to In-room Guest Engagement

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

INTELITY®, a guest experience platform provieder, announced a new partnership with Volara, a provider of custom voice-based hospitality solutions. Together, INTELITY and Volara will combine their technology to uplevel guest engagement with contactless voice commands that enable instant, convenient access to services and amenities.

"INTELITY and Volara have always been friends, especially around our shared vision and unwavering commitment to incredible guest service for the hospitality industry—and in this new partnership, we’ve aligned to prioritize that throughout every step in the guest journey,” said David Berger, Volara CEO. “With Volara serving as the primary voice component of the INTELITY platform, we’re enabling travelers to get whatever they need, whenever they need it during their stay.”

Both INTELITY and Volara have already been deployed in conjunction at several properties, including Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, to the delight of guests. But the integration will only get better over time. Properties interested in developing a future-facing guest experience that harnesses the power of guest technology can take advantage of the initial partnership and deploy both platforms simultaneously, but will see an even more in-depth integration over time, with voice requests flowing through the platform directly into GEMS®, INTELITY’s staff automation platform. Not only will it support guests in a superior way, but it’s also set to assist busy staff as they seek to balance their daily workload.

Voice technology is becoming a critical component of the future guest experience—and with home assistants a normal part of life for many consumers, now is the time for hoteliers to leverage that convenience to drive satisfaction and revenue for their properties,” said Robert Stevenson, CEO of INTELITY. “INTELITY has long had a voice option in our platform, but it’s nothing close to what Volara offers. We’re excited that our new partnership with Volara will make guests feel at home, regardless of where they are.”

As a result of the integration, guests can use the power of their own voice to ask about hotel services and request information about the local area, weather, events, and more. Leveraging popular in-room voice assistants such as Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub, guests can adjust room controls, such as the thermostat and lighting at integrated properties, just by speaking the command out loud. When a guest needs to connect with staff or request service, they no longer need to make an extra trip to the front desk. Instead, they can simply ask aloud for extra pillows or a room repair—and the property can send help their way.

As hospitality recovers and guests eagerly return to their pre-pandemic travel patterns, they’re looking to bring the self-service and contactless habits, and the new technologies they’ve picked up along the way, with them. With INTELITY and Volara set to offer by far the most comprehensive and safe voice solution in hospitality, hoteliers will be able to meet and exceed their expectations right away.

To find out more about how to deploy this powerful duo at your property and upcoming integration plans, visit or

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