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Ingenico Group and Beamm Launch EMV-Certified Tablet POS Solution

Ingenico Group has launched a new multi-channel commerce solution for small business owners. Called the smart tabletPOS and available immediately, it combines powerful tablet POS software integrated with cloud-based tools to help merchants ring up sales, manage their business, engage customers and drive revenue.
Typically, tablet POS systems designed for small businesses are not capable of integrating with a merchant’s existing terminals, forcing merchants to use a particular processor. smart tabletPOS is the first to enable merchants to leverage their existing stand-alone terminals and acquirer relationships, and to improve their business operations.
smart tabletPOS combines an Ingenico iCT terminal, Beamm’s smart iPad POS application and management tools, a tablet stand, and cash drawer to provide a complete EMV-certified, in-store POS solution that is Apple Pay and Google Wallet ready. It is being sold through Ingenico Group’s existing distribution networks.
The new smart tabletPOS combines the advantages of a stand-alone terminal in the small business environment with the capabilities of an internet-connected tablet POS system to deliver a unique combination of familiarity, functionality and forward-thinking business management tools. 
Features include:
–       A semi-integrated platform: Card data does not enter the POS; instead, transactions are routed securely through the PCI-certified Ingenico iCT terminal. The tablet environment and POS application may be removed from scope of certain PCI programs.
–       EMV and P2PE: The Ingenico iCT terminal supports EMV and P2PE, and is certified for EMV Level 1 & 2 and PCI 3.0.
–       Cloud-based inventory: Real-time inventory with stock alerts and support for multi-variant products across multiple locations.
–       Integrated data analytics: Merchants can access real-time, cloud-based analytics on sales, products and employee performance.
–       Integrated promotions engine: Create and simultaneously deliver promotions to Facebook, Twitter and the Beamm customer mobile app.
–       Mobile Ordering: Enables merchants to offer their customers mobile ordering using Beamm’s Customer Mobile App.
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