Infor Launches Enhanced Forecasting Engine for Infor EzRMS

Infor announced the launch of an enhanced, integrated adaptive learning and forecasting engine for Infor EzRMS. The engine introduces several new forecasting algorithms, including dynamic trend modelling, combined with latest machine learning techniques, that help to provide improved forecasts and optimizations to the hospitality industry.
When the algorithms are applied, Infor EzRMS will recalculate a full new forecast and as the models begin to pick up and learn business trends, users will start to see the forecast adapt more quickly to unexpected changes in the market and respond accordingly.
In addition to the updated engine, Infor EzRMS also has an enhanced user interface that enables users to easily access business critical information such as best revenue opportunities, single- and multi-property reports, application wide search, navigation history, data export options, and direct access to key filters in reports for key metrics and time ranges.
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