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Infographic: Influencer Marketing Tactics Could Greatly Benefit Hotels' Bottom Line

Influencer marketing is a niche that has emerged very quickly in the last few years and has grown extremely fast to become a major part of many companies’ marketing strategies. In particular, it has grown within the hospitality sector with restaurants and hotels vying for various influencers’ attention. Unfortunately, not all influencers have legitimate amounts of followers. Therefore, hotels and restaurants should exercise caution when selecting an influencer to work with on a campaign. Instead of targeting only influencers with high follower counts, hotels and restaurants should target influencers that match the company's target demographic. This infographic from The Europe examines influencer marketing within the hospitality industry. It highlights some key statistics; it details a possible influencer marketing strategy; it highlights the benefits of this activity, and it also emphasizes the importance of measuring the return on investment of the practice.

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