Infinite Peripherals Introduces InfineaIQ

Leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions, Infinite Peripherals, introduced InfineaIQ, an enterprise-grade Mobile Peripheral Management (MPM) software solution. Fully managed and highly flexible, the InfineaIQ cloud-based solution was designed to enable the management of large, enterprise deployments of peripheral devices, delivering end-to-end visibility into supply and delivery processes. Using InfineaIQ, real-time insights and data analytics are easily reported from disparate connected devices to inform resourcing, inventory, sales and workflow decisions – saving businesses time and money, and improving customer service levels.
Regardless of whether deploying devices for Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management or Mobile Point of Sales, having full visibility into mobile peripheral devices is something that operators require to be successful when running mission-critical business workflows. The InfineaIQ solution will provide the ability to centrally track assets, collect statistical information as well as remotely update firmware and configuration settings on connected peripherals. This all results in improved uptimes and lower total cost of ownership.
With InfineaIQ, enterprise customers can securely manage their global deployments of attached Infinite Peripheral devices from one central console, resulting in higher visibility, increased control and reduced support costs. 
InfineaIQ provides instant access to detailed information on connected devices, such as hardware/software versions, device information, diagnostics, and analytics – delivering the data that administrators require to maximize resources. Understanding where assets are deployed at any given time, or being able to track those dispatched solutions using the InfineaIQ geolocation service, enables operators to account for every registered device with remarkable detail. InfineaIQ can be tailored to any workflow by customizing the data, device views, reports and brand elements.
InfineaIQ Key Features
  • Peripheral Change Management – The centralized management console presents a window to all deployed devices and associated peripherals. InfineaIQ not only provides visibility into peripheral settings such as firmware version scan mode, payment settings and application settings, it can be used to remotely update and change these configurations over-the-air.   
  • Asset Management – Know who is using and where peripheral devices are being used through automatic data collections and update assignment tags.  Managing 10s, 100s, or 1000s of peripherals is now made easy.
  • Metric Collection (Data Analytics) – Through the use of IQ Extensions and the inherent Metadata reporting capabilities the collection of key counters and metrics is made simple. When using the InfineaIQ framework with an application, key data points can be captured and presented, all within a central repository for business intelligence reporting.
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