Inbify Allows Businesses to Review Customer Feedback and Respond Immediately

Inbify announced the launch of its real-time customer experience management software. The software allows businesses to interact with customers through modes like SMS, support emails, and Facebook Messenger.

Inbify's software allows businesses to collect, analyze and address their customers' needs through the company dashboard. The dashboard’s real-time feed enables businesses to review customer feedback and respond immediately through the communication channels.

The dashboard collects metrics and displays them in graph format so businesses can identify customer service trends. Inbify also offers data insights, so businesses can analyze feedback volume and overall customer sentiment to see in which areas their business might improve.

The Inbify dashboard also helps businesses to manage their teams: users can assign team members to look after a specific group of customers and keep track of how team members are responding to customer service issues. As 75 percent of consumers think customer service demonstrates how valuable they are to a brand, Inbify helps to ensure every team member communicates effectively with customers.

With Inbify, businesses could use conversational commerce to chat with customers while they’re still in the store, making it easy to address customer concerns on the spot. To engage with customers, businesses might place print media listing their phone numbers within a space or integrate the online widget onto their websites.
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