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IHG Upgrades Satellite Network with Spacenet

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) announces the signing of a contract with Spacenet Inc., a provider of satellite networking services for enterprise and government, under which Spacenet will provide an upgraded satellite data network and managed network services to 2,500 IHG locations across the United States and Canada.

The VSAT network provides optimized support for IP-based applications and enables improved check in and check out efficiency at the hotels. IHG is upgrading its existing satellite network to Spacenet's SkyEdge VSAT platform for faster speeds, advanced functionality and improved network availability to support expanding applications. Spacenet is also providing managed network services that ensure maximum reliability, and serves as a single point of contact for the management of IHG's network services and Level 1 Help Desk.

"The private VSAT network provided to us by Spacenet not only gives us high availability but also meets our data integrity and security requirements," says Gustaaf Schrils, VP of technology and services, IHG Americas. "Over the years, Spacenet's services have helped us achieve our goals, providing a reliable and scaleable network for our hotel applications. We are confident that Spacenet and the SkyEdge VSAT platform will continue to deliver on these requirements."

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