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Hyr Makes Its Debut in New York City

Hyr, a mobile app that allows hourly-paid pros in the hospitality industry to pick up shifts, on demand, at businesses looking to fill last-minute needs, said it recently made its debut in New York City. Business post available shifts, select from a list of candidates, schedule and pay employees all within the app. All the hospitality workers on Hyr are 1099 independent contractors on a shift-by-shift basis.  And Hyr pays the workers within 48 hours of shift completion, Hyr issues 1099’s at year end, and they reward workers with UPoints for each shift worked, which can be accumulated and redeemed for paid time off in the form of UDays through Hyr.

Unlike a staffing agency, businesses choose their rate of pay, and they choose from a large selection of skilled candidates that apply to posted shifts.  If a business is interested in offering a Hyr professional a more permanent position, they can go ahead and do so, no strings attached.

Hyr launched in Toronto in February 2017, and in New York City in June of 2017.  Since, Hyr has on-boarded thousands of hospitality workers that make up 18,000+ unique skillsets, and the platform has been used by businesses to fill more than 600 shifts.  Hyr’s business base is traditional restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and event companies.

“Hyr is a revolution for our industry,” said Yannick Bigourdan, owner of the Carbon Bar.  “Hyr isn’t another overpriced and inefficient staffing agency.  Instead, Hyr enables our industry to share quality staff, which is a must with today’s ever-shallowing labor pool.  Hyr helps us fill last-minute needs with skilled professionals that are already working in the industry, who are looking for an extra shift or two each week.”

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