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HyperActive Technologies Intros Cloud-Based System to Meet Demands of Drive-Thru

HyperActive Technologies is transforming the traditional way quick-service restaurants (QSRs) measure drive-thru speed-of-service for customers with the addition of DriveTime Cloud to the HyperActive Technologies’ suite of high-performing drive-thru products. DriveTime Cloud harnesses the benefits of cloud computing technology, leveraging computing power and data storage from the Internet instead of relying on on-site CPU power. Cloud technology also enables operators to access application software and data that are stored at remote locations, as well as equips QSRs with improved manageability and less hardware maintenance. Cloud technology gives IT managers at the QSR corporate or franchise level the ability to more rapidly meet fluctuating drive-thru demand.
Like the affordability and reliability of its brother drive-thru management technology ­– QTimer – DriveTime Cloud’s innovative technology also makes it the industry’s most affordable drive-thru timer. It provides both single store and enterprise-wide reports, which are available anywhere via a web browser in real-time and with no additional software required.
HyperActive Technologies, DriveTime Cloud’s easy-to-read, multi-color in-store display provides visual reference points of the restaurant’s drive-thru traffic, which allows operators to make on-the-spot, informed decisions about how to improve throughput. Current service times are displayed prominently so employees and managers are immediately aware of how long a vehicle has been in the drive-thru.
DriveTime Cloud provides a number of unique benefits for QSRs, including:
* Real-time performance metrics that operators need to know to drive profitability
* Simple, in-store dashboard helps operators make decisions quickly and accurately
* Dashboard graphs and visual indicators display goals to optimize efficiency and maximize crew performance
* Detailed reporting documentation is available for 90 days and summary tables are available indefinitely, giving QSRs the opportunity to compare current and historical data
* Virtually no hardware required as part of the system, mitigating the need for site visits for repairs
* All new software releases take place in the cloud instead of being deployed to the store
* Compact unit delivers a small footprint that allows it to be placed in virtually any area for monitoring
* Custom displays and templates are also an available option for QSRs seeking to further differentiate their brand among customers
The rollout of DriveTime Cloud technology comes on the heels of HyperActive Technologies’ recent launch of the next-generation HyperView® Order Confirmation Display (OCD) – HyperView® PE, another innovative technology that is also raising the bar on the performance and reliability that quick-service restaurant (QSR) operators expect from their OCDs.
Like its HyperView brother, the HyperView PE improves efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction among operators seeking to purchase the most reliable drive-thru management system that delivers the lowest cost of ownership on the market. A single CAT5 cable supplying Power over Ethernet (PoE) is used to run the HyperView PE, eliminating the need to run power to the OCD post. 
The Ethernet-based solution also enables any computer on the restaurant’s network to control what is displayed on the OCD. Using PoE enables the OCD to become significantly more reliable and minimizes the need for an electrician – saving operators time and money.

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