HyperActive Technologies Changes Name to Acrelec America

HyperActive Technologies, a provider of outdoor restaurant technology and recently acquired by the Acrelec Group, said it is changing its name to Acrelec America. The name change reflects the company's deepening relationship with its international parent corporation. The French-based Acrelec provides restaurants, retailers and other global brands with digital transformation solutions. The acquisition of HyperActive Technologies was completed in May.

During the last 15 years, HyperActive's name became synonymous with outdoor drive-thru technology. The name change is meant to present a very clear message that the company is expanding its portfolio to include the full suite of digital technology, both indoor and outdoor, and across many industry sectors.

Acrelec America brings to North and South America a portfolio of technology that includes self-service kiosks, indoor and outdoor digital displays, drive-thru, curbside and gaming solutions. HyperActive products such as QTimer, used for drive-thru time management, will now be sold worldwide. With Acrelec hardware, software and services, restaurant brands will be able to create a "phygital" experience for consumers; one that that blends physical and digital technology to add convenience, speed of service, engagement and purchasing ease to the customer journey.
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