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Hyatt Rolls Out iMac Guest Computer Solutions

Hyatt hotels will deploy the Eleven Wireless iMac guest computer solution at full-service hotels operating under various Hyatt brands. These hotels have begun the rollout of ElevenBC for Mac in their lobbies and certain guest suites nationwide. The rollout will be complete in 2013.
One of the leading trends in hotel technology is the emergence of guest computers in the hotel lobby. Several Hyatt hotels piloted the solution over the past year, and feedback from guests and staff alike has been quite positive.
Unlike kiosk solutions that provide a limited browsing experience, the ElevenBC solution provides full-function computers with color laser printing capability. Hyatt's lobby solutions provide guests a certain amount of complimentary access each day to surf the web, check email or even work on Microsoft Office documents. Non-guest visitors can use the systems for a nominal fee. The iMacs run both Windows and Mac operating systems so guests can choose whichever one they prefer and switch between the two during their session. Xerox printers provide high-quality color laser printing for documents, web pages, driving directions and more. Plus, guests can quickly print their boarding passes for free at any of the iMacs.
Eleven’s iMac solution will also be deployed in various suites throughout several Hyatt brands. Guests in these suites get the complete ElevenBC for Mac experience, for free and in the privacy of their room. Always looking to offer its guests more, these in-room iMacs provide significant value to guests enjoying these suites.
Apple and Xerox hardware, paired with Eleven's world-class software and support assure that lobby computers in these Hyatt hotels are the best and most-reliable solution in hospitality. Eleven's iMacs have already been widely deployed in Hyatt business centers over the past several years, and the decision to standardize on Eleven for lobby and in-suite solutions further expands this relationship.

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