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Hyatt Regency Chicago Generates Incremental Revenue from Groups amidst Challenging Economy

In the midst of the most challenging economic conditions in decades, some hotels are using innovative methods to generate increasing levels of incremental revenue from their group business. One example of such innovation is the Hyatt Regency Chicago, which has adopted Passkey's GroupMax up-selling methodology to boost its group incremental revenues ten- fold in just two months.

"We have always seen reliable cost savings from Passkey but recently we maximized our use of the system in a more creative way to generate incremental revenue", says Matt Schalk, director of revenue of Hyatt Regency Chicago. "Taking the step to add up-sell room categories to all events has produced a ten-fold increase in our incremental revenue in only 2 months. Some believe Passkey is a nice-to-have, we believe it is a must-have to maximize a hotel's group profits."

To facilitate hotels' ability to generate incremental revenue and capture material savings, Passkey recently launched the GroupMax system, a set of specific steps and standard operating procedures that hotels can easily implement to maximize cost savings and up-sell revenues from their groups. The GroupMax system, which also allows hotels to enhance their meeting planner experience, is based on hundreds of implementations across the Passkey hotel network.

Any Passkey licensee can implement the GroupMax system at no additional cost, and expect immediate and tangible results in terms of cost savings, incremental revenue and planner satisfaction.
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