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Hyatt Andaz London Liverpool Street Hotel Talks Energy Savings with HT

In early November, Hyatt won a 2018 Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Award for its Monitor & Save project in collaboration with Andaz London Liverpool Street hotel. Hyatt works with Quimera Energy Efficiency to optimize Hyatt's central cooling plants, heating plants, air handling systems, and building automation system. London-based Quimera is an international company that adopts a retro commissioning approach to energy efficiency, focusing on generating energy savings and minimizing emissions and carbon footprint by implementing IoT related solutions under a performance-based scheme.

In the case of the Andaz London Liverpool Street hotel, the project kicked off in 2016 and within a year 21% of electricity and 27.1% of gas consumption was saved. This translates in 500.000kg of CO2 emissions saved and was achieved using the methodology of Monitor & Save, including the Bopstem technology provided by Wisestate which is an IoT solution for HVAC control and automation, without suffering guest comfort.

Hospitality Technology wanted to learn more about this project and its innovative use of IoT technology so we spoke with the Andaz London Liverpool Street hotel's Director of Engineering Keith Large.

HT: Why is your property in particular committed to sustainability?        
LARGE: The Andaz London Liverpool Street is becoming increasingly more active in thinking of ways within the business to help reduce energy and the impact this would have on the environment. We’re keen to maintain longevity within our company structure and believe a sustainable approach is the best way to achieve this.

HT: What are some of the benefits to having a more sustainable property?       
LARGE: A key benefit to having a more sustainable property is the ability to provide transparency to our hotel guests. In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of climate change and global warning, we can show how we are helping to reduce waste in the environment. In addition, through relying less on mainstream utilities, we save money which is invested in further energy saving measures.

HT: What is the Monitor & Save project? How does it work?    
LARGE: The purpose of the Monitor & Save project is to achieve as much energy savings as possible in every building where it is implemented. Stage one of the project at the Andaz London Liverpool Street is to monitor the heating and cooling plant. This is achieved by installing a metering system that helps to identify all of the high-use electrical installations. Stage two is to target those points of high use and reduce them. The third and final stage is to continue monitoring the metering system to see if any further adjustments need to be made.

HT: Between 2016 and 2017, you saw dramatic results. How will this technology continue to offer sustainability to the hotel? 
LARGE: The biggest savings are normally made in the second half of the first year and the first half of year two. However, the savings are in theory sustainable for all the time providing that the monitoring program is maintained in some shape or form, ideally by someone who is not responsible for anything else in the facility.

HT: Are there any plans in the works to implement other tech initiatives to increase the hotel's sustainability?  
LARGE: Yes there is, and we are currently planning major plant replacement over the next four years, taking the opportunity to include any innovative new ideas.


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