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Hutton Hotel Keeps Guests Connected with In-Room Connectivity Panel

The Hutton Hotel is a 248-room, $50 million boutique hotel located in the heart of Nashville's fashionable West End. While its chic blend of contemporary style and sophistication caters to the visual senses, advanced in-room technology was a primary consideration as an amenity that will have lasting effects on the guest experience.

A guestroom should not only be beautiful and comfortable but it should also be functional. As more people are able to travel with their technology components (laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc.) it was important for Hutton Hotel to provide a conduit for their use.

After careful review of in-room technology vendors, Hutton Hotel chose to feature the TeleAdapt MediaHub Standard in every room and suite of its property. The all-in-one entertainment connectivity panel provides audio/video connection ports for guests to use their portable electronics through the in-room flat panel television. Developed with consumer technology trends in mind, MediaHub offers Hutton Hotel advanced in-room technology that is scalable for appealing to the future technology needs of travelers. Available guest-facing ports include composite audio/video, S-video, VGA with paired audio, HDMI for high definition viewing and USB 5v power for charging portable electronics.

The installation process
The MediaHub was installed in a couple of different areas, depending on the guestroom configuration. The low-profile design of the panel allowed Hutton Hotel to install the MediaHub in places that they felt made it easy for guest use. In the majority of the rooms, the MediaHub is mounted in a custom-designed desk near the TV while some rooms have panels flush-mounted into the wall 10 meters away from the entertainment system. Both arrangements allowed for concealed wiring, eliminating messy cable runs to the TV. TeleAdapt's proprietary mini-connectors to the MediaHub and extender cables made placement within challenging room configurations a success.

Hutton Hotel chose the MediaHub Standard because it eliminates the need for RS-232 and SmartPort cabling and programming with the HDTV. The MediaHub works in tandem with the hotel's LG flat panel televisions and LodgeNet video-on-demand system by programming the TV to access each of the three A/V inputs. Guests can select auxiliary inputs as part of the normal channel selection procedure using the in-room remote control. In Hutton Hotel's case, guests press the INPUT button on remote control to AV1 for accessing the Composite A/V (includes S-Video), RGB-In for viewing content from the VGA (Audio/PC) port and HDMI1 for the viewing high definition video through the HDMI port on the MediaHub. It's simple plug and play for the guest.

With MediaHub's easy to use connectivity, Hutton Hotel frees their guests from small screens and headphones while in the room so they can comfortably enjoy their personal music, video, pictures, games and more.
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