HungerRush Launches OrderAI Talk

Jet Pizza says CX has improved, order accuracy has increased and the ability to pay is easy.

HungerRush announced the general availability and early pilot results of its OrderAI Talk product.

OrderAI Talk allows restaurant consumers to place phone orders with an artificially intelligent phone bot. It supports increased restaurant efficiency and customer satisfaction through improved order accuracy, accurate and complete voice recognition, full-menu integration, no hold times and a fully integrated POS system with order confirmation and delivery and payment options.

Pizza franchisee brand Jet’s Pizza, recently completed a pilot program of OrderAI Talk in 70 stores. Following a successful launch, where the restaurant was able to increase productivity of team members and improve customer satisfaction, Jet’s is now offering the solution to all franchisees, with more than 100 signed up to date.

“After seeing a high success with using HungerRush’s OrderAI Text in our locations we were eager to test out OrderAI Talk,” said Aaron Nilsson, CIO of Jet’s Pizza. “The Phone Bot is an important step in our evolution to convert all orders into digital orders. The power of digital and AI is continuing to grow and is improving lives and commerce every day. This solution has been a big win for Jet’s, store employees are less stressed because they are off the phones and focusing on the best part of the job – making pizzas. Our customers are getting a great experience with crystal clear quality ever time, accurate order details and the ability to set up easy payment options.”

OrderAI Talk is ideal for multi-unit restaurants with at least 10 locations, and a high phone order volume.

Key benefits of OrderAI Talk include :

  • Increased order accuracy
  • Ability to upsell every order: The intelligent AI system learns consumer behaviors to engage in smart upselling and smart targeted marketing with each call.
  • Alleviate challenges from staffing issues
  • Opt-in to Text Marketing & Ordering: Providing the ability to expand marketing reach and transform analog customers to digital. Automatically send OrderAI Talk customers a text marketing message one week later giving them the ability to quickly respond and place that order via text. 29% of customers who received OrderAI Text marketing placed at least one or more repeat orders.
  • Improved customer experience: Customers can place their orders quickly and seamlessly through the automated attendant from order placement through payment. Of customers that start an OrderAI Talk order, 92% result in completed orders. 
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